Review on how to use Binomo: education, strategies, and FAQs

How to use Binomo Binomo

The trading platform Binomo is popular in more than 130 countries. Its main benefits are free training tutorials and a demo account for sharpening trading skills. This review explains how Binomo works and contains tips on how to use the platform.

How Binomo works?

These steps will guide you on how to trade on

  • Create an account using your email, Google or Facebook account and choose a reliable password.
  • Try a free demo account with 10000$ to learn to trade and develop your own strategy.

binomo demo

Note! Funds on demo account are virtual and can’t be withdrawn. To get real additional income, you have to convert demo into a real account by depositing funds.

  • Use learning and analytic materials (Glossary, Economic Calendar, etc).
  • After training and practice, start trading with real money. How to invest in Binomo is described below.

How to trade on Binomo?

The platform offers Fixed Time Trades (FTT). To get additional income on them, you need to make a forecast of changes in the price of assets after the expiration of trading time. It can range from 1 to 60 minutes. If the chosen time ends and the forecast is correct, you will get additional income. The profitability depends on the type of your account and can be up to 90%.

Note! Binomo doesn’t provide trading signals to users. Responsibility for the execution of trades lies with you.

 Trading Tips

Binomo also doesn’t provide tips but offers free materials for education. You can find out how trading works, by studying:

  • The Glossary contains concepts such as dividend rate, indicator, long-term trade, etc.
  • The Client Agreement describes the rules and features of the platform. Read it carefully, because violations can lead to the blocking of your account.
  • The section “Strategies”.

More about trading strategies

The platform presents variants for both news and experienced traders. Beginners can learn 7 golden rules to trade without losses, specifics of trading on the news and setting technical indicators. For advanced users, Binomo has materials on working with RSI and other indices, flat strategy, etc.

Note! No strategy can be winning. It’s generally incorrect to use the word “win” in relation to trading. Binomo is a tool for trading and market analysis, not a game.

Binomo zendesk

binomo help center

The Help Center can be called the Binomo tutorial. It’s a FAQ with ready answers to almost any questions: registration and login, deposit and withdrawal, participation in tournaments, etc. You can access it at the link:

If you haven’t found a solution to your issue here, you can always contact Support via live chat or email

 Terms and Conditions

Registering on the platform, you have to accept the terms of the Client Agreement and Privacy Policy. Don’t neglect these documents and read them carefully. They contain such important nuances as the minimum deposit amount, verification procedure, limits for withdrawal of funds, conditions for withdrawing bonuses, etc.

5 frequently asked questions about Binomo

Below you can find answers to the most typical clients’ questions:

Can I withdraw to my e-wallet?

Yes, this option is available on Binomo for all traders who have real accounts (i.e., made a deposit). It will require only 3 steps:

  1. Go to the “Cashier” section.
  2. Select the “Withdraw Funds” tab.
  3. Choose your e-wallet and indicate the amount you want to receive.

Note! For security reasons, your additional income can only be withdrawn to the same e-wallet where the deposit was made.

 What is a verification and why do I need it?


Sometimes the platform may ask its users to pass verification. This is a standard procedure required to prevent illegal access to your funds. Usually, it’s enough for Binomo to check the identity document.

Until you complete the verification, the ability to withdraw from your account will be temporarily limited. But the good news that this process is mostly automatic and takes less than 10 minutes.

How to change the currency in Binomo?

The currency of your account can’t be changed. However, you can block this account and register a new one, selecting the correct currency.

Using multiple accounts on Binomo is prohibited. Violation of this rule may result in blocking.

Are bots allowed to trade on Binomo?

According to paragraph 10.12 of the Client Agreement, using bots, artificial intelligence (AI), or algorithmic software is prohibited on the platform. Only people can trade on Binomo.

How can I know if my forecast is correct?

You will get a pop-up notification with the amount of your additional income. The investment and this profit will be added to your balance. The list of your trades can also be inspected in the section on “History” on the platform.

How to invest in Binomo

To answer the question of how does Binomo really work, study all the available materials about trading: Client Agreement, the Help Center, Glossary, Strategies, etc.

Trading carries the risk of losing capital. The result of the trades depends only on you. You are not here to play so don’t take the presented strategies as ready tips on how to make money on Binomo. Trading is impossible without practise on a demo account, and the ability to read charts and analyze the market. Don’t make a deposit until you are confident in your trading skills.

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