Step-by-step guide how to deposit and withdraw from Binomo

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Binomo is an online trading platform that services over 130 countries worldwide. This article will tell you about the deposit options, limits, and how to withdraw money from Binomo.

Binomo deposit and withdrawal methods

binomo deposit

Use the following steps to perform a Binomo deposit:

  1. Go to the “Cashier” section and click on the “Deposit” button.
  2. Choose the payment method.
  3. Input the amount you want to invest.
  4. Go to the payment page.

After the deposit has dropped into your account, you can start trading on a real account.

Many clients who get extra income have a question: “Can we withdraw money from Binomo without fees?”. And the answer is definitely “Yes”. Binomo doesn’t take any commissions. You can get cash from your bank cards or e-wallet, after withdrawal of the funds to your Binomo account. But the commission may be charged by your payment system.

Note! Binomo takes the security of its users. That’s why the withdrawal of money is always made in the same method from which the deposit was.

These methods depend on the country you live in. Unfortunately, some payment systems like PayPal are not available on Let’s review all the deposit and withdrawal options.

Using a bank card

The funds can be transferred using VISA, MasterCard, etc. Once the bank confirms the payment, it does not take much longer for the funds to be deposited into or from your Binomo account.

Using a bank card with different currency

A bank card can still be used even if it has a different currency than your account. In such a situation, the funds will be converted to your Binomo currency. The vice versa occurs when the funds are withdrawn.

Using a nameless card

You can make a deposit into the Binomo account from a nameless card and withdraw your additional income to it. But this card should really belong to you and not to a third party.


Minimum amount

The rules of Binomo set the minimum amounts for account replenishment and withdrawal from it.

For deposit

The minimum deposit is the smallest amount that Binomo allows you to drop into account. Every user is required to deposit at least 10$ (for India is 5$) or the equivalent amount in his local currency.

For withdrawal

The amount of minimum withdrawal from Binomo is also 10$. But if you use bonuses, you should make a trading turnover of a specific amount. More details are available in the Client Agreement.


The basic conditions of withdrawal funds from Binomo are:

  1. A user can’t withdraw more than 3000$ per day.
  2. In the current week, it’s forbidden to receive more than 10000$.
  3. Before the end of the current month, a client can’t withdraw more than $40000$.

If you are unclear about the withdrawal limit for the using method, you can always contact managers via chat or email address


The time of withdrawal from Binomo depends on many factors, the most important of which is the payment method you use and the type of your account. After your request is approved you will get funds from several minutes to 3 days and more. VIP clients have precedence before other accounts.

The final time of receipt of funds to users depends on the speed of transaction processing by the payment system.

Policy and conditions

Binomo reserves the right to change any conditions of its policy. For example, the platform can reduce the amount of minimum withdrawal in certain countries according to their discretion.

Help Center

binomo help center

Having any questions about payment methods, you can find the answers at the Help Centre. If you urgently need to get proof of your withdrawal from Binomo you can contact the Support.

What should you pay attention to?

The platform doesn’t take fees for depositing and withdrawing funds. It is proof that Binomo really cares about its customers. Work with many popular payment systems also tells about it.

Don’t forget about the risk of losing your investment in case of incorrect forecast. Please study all tutorials and documents including Client Agreement and increase your trading skills before depositing real funds into your account.


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  1. Jay Singh

    It’s been 17 days today for my withdrawal amount. My account has not been credited yet. Processing is not done yet.Does it take that long according to Binomo’s rules?
    Transaction ID a00b8cf8de77a4ddbcf7bb14307c2730 | Personal ID 149492454 | Date 4/26/2023 | Withdraw – 1 170 INR |

  2. Jay Singh

    Transaction ID a00b8cf8de77a4ddbcf7bb14307c2730 | Personal ID 149492454 | Date 4/26/2023 | Withdraw – 1 170 INR | Does it take that long according to Binomo’s rules?

    1. James Andrews author

      Hello Jay!
      Please contact support directly
      They will help you faster.
      Good luck!